Evaluate Your Website

Is your website bringing you new patients and retaining your current patients? Let's find out!
Take the test below and it will instantly score your answers and give you a full total score below.
This will give you a quick analysis on whether or not you are with the correct optical internet solution team and if your website is truly working for your patients, and helping you increase your bottom line!

How Often ...? Never Sometimes Frequently Always Score
Do you get compliments about your website
Do you get complaints about your website
Is your website on-line and off-line
Do you have to wait 2 or more days for changes
Do you get advice on content and site functionality
Can you reach tech support evenings and weekends
Can you have changes made without additional costs
Is your website ...? Yes No Score
Created with Optical Professionals
Search Engine Optimized
Social Media Optimized
Smart Phone Optimized
Easy to navigate
Warm and patient-friendly
A templated "One-size-fits-all" website
HIPAA Compliant
Listed on the top pages of search engines
"Branded" to reflect your office's theme
Polished and professional in appearance
Pro-active in your business
Domain address memorable and easy to type
Does your website ...? Yes No Score
Submit filled-out on-line patient information forms
Allow on-line appointment requests
Have an educational content library
Have educational optical movies
Allow patients to check order status on-line
Reflect the integrity of your office
Have your contact info on your home page
Have on-line patient reviews
Have automated coupons on-line
Have automated contests on-line
Have a private Intranet for multi-office communication
Attract new patients and retain current patients
If you scored 30 or higher complete the information below for further analysis.
Your score is: 0