Custom Sphere and Custom Toric Contact Lenses

SpecialEyes’ custom spherical and custom toric contact lenses are a great option for patients seeking contact lenses for astigmatism or extreme hyperopia or myopia. Our custom soft contact lenses can accommodate refractive errors up to +/- 25.00 diopters in the sphere power and up to -8.00 diopters in the cylinder power. The wide parameter range and fine incremental adjustments enable optimum vision correction for those hard-to-fit astigmatic patients. All SpecialEyes custom toric contact lenses are back-surface prism ballasted and come standard with 1.0 diopter of prism. Custom toric contact lenses have markings located at 3 and 9 o’clock.

54 Toric & Sphere
• High-performance, lower-profile design for ultimate comfort
• Quarterly replacement
• Hioxifilcon D 54% material
• Read case studies
• Downloads (54%): Professional Fitting Guide, Package Insert, Wearer’s Instruction Guide

59 Toric & Sphere
• Ultra wet and comfortable; great contact lens for patients complaining of lens-related dry eye or late-day dryness
• Quarterly replacement
• Hioxifilcon A 59% material
• Read case studies
• Downloads (59%): Professional Fitting Guide, Package Insert, Wearer’s Instruction Guide

49 Toric & Sphere
• Offers great visual acuity at a great value
• Conventional 6- to 12-month replacement
• Hioxifilcon B 49% material
Package Insert, and Wearer’s Instruction Guide.

Read this article about custom soft toric contact lenses versus off-the-shelf toric contact lenses.
Custom Multifocal and Multifocal Toric Contact Lenses

Do you ever struggle to successfully fit multifocal or multifocal toric contact lenses? Maybe that minus distance over-refraction dramatically improves distance vision but ruins the near vision your patient loved. Or, you increase add power to improve the patient’s near vision but cause distance vision to suffer. Because of these past experiences, you may have found multifocal and toric multifocal lens fittings to be painful and time-consuming. We understand how you feel when a presbyopic patient or astigmatic presbyopic patient presents to your practice seeking a viable alternative to reading or progressive glasses, and we’re here to help.

Together, we can reduce the agony of your multifocal fittings and satisfy more patients using a systematic strategy, your expertise, and the customizable optics of SpecialEyes’ multifocal lenses
54 Multifocal
• Lens of choice for the majority of your presbyopic patients
• Aspheric center-near design (center-distance design available upon request)
• Available in both toric and sphere
• Multifocal optics are optimized for each patient's pupil size and specific visual needs using the SpecialEyes Multifocal Simulator
• Center-zone, power progression, and peripheral zone are fully customizable for troubleshooting
• Vision for all ranges: near, intermediate, and distance
• Enroll in the 54 Multifocal Email Course to learn how to fit and customize the design
• Read case studies
• Listen to Multifocal Radio Show
• Refer to our online Tools & Resources to access the Multifocal Fitting Guide
54 Bifocal
• Great option for your hyper-critical presbyopic patients and patients with small pupils (<3.0mm)
• Annular two-zone design with vision for near and far
• Center-near and center-distance designs available
• Available in toric and sphere
• Center-zone size is customizable for troubleshooting
• Allows for precise vision personalized to each patient's specific visual needs
• Alternative choice when as aspheric design doesn't meet patient expectations
• Refer to our online Tools & Resources to access the Bifocal Fitting Guide
SpecialEyes’ complete line of custom multifocal and toric multifocal contact lenses are available in toric or sphere, with add powers up to +4.00 diopters and quarterly replacement. All SpecialEyes bifocal and multifocal contact lenses, including multifocal sphere and multifocal toric contact lenses, are manufactured from high-performing hioxifilcon D 54% material. For more information on this material, download the Package Insert, and Wearer’s Instruction Guide.
Custom Soft Contact Lens Handling Tips
After reviewing and implementing these handling tips, you should be able to obtain months of great vision from your SpecialEyes custom soft contact lenses. As you transition into your SpecialEyes high-performance lenses, you may encounter a slight learning curve regarding the care and handling of your new lenses. The following tips will help extend the life of your soft contact lenses:

Tip 1:
Gently rub; don't scrub. SpecialEyes lenses are not meant to be "scrubbed." A light digital rub is fine; but avoid excessive scrubbing, which can tear the lens.

Tip 2:
When preparing to insert a contact lens, carefully pour the lens from its container into your hand. Do not use fingernails or tweezers to remove your lens from the case.

Tip 3:
When removing a SpecialEyes lens from your eye, you should first apply a rewetting drop and then gently slide the lens out using the pad of your finger.