Shamir WorkSpace Lenses

Sharp Focus for
Dynamic Workers!

Shamir WorkSpace™ is the best lens when focus is needed for both mid-distance and near viewing. The WorkSpace lens offers a greater field depth of up to 10 feet of visual clarity.

If working on near tasks and also interacting with people or objects fall within your daily tasks, then the WorkSpace lens is the ideal Solution.
This advanced and highly sophisticated Freeform®  lens design is perfect for you if you need a lens that allows you crisp, clear near vision within the workspace as well as sharp focus on people and objects across the room up to 10 feet.
A lens that provides clear vision from up close to 10 feet!
The Shamir WorkSpace Lens is ideal for focus on close working environments and is highly suited for computer work. It allows functions as a sophisticated lens for reading glasses. This lens allows perfect vision for simultaneous reading and computer use and helps prevent the discomfort of Computer Vision Syndrome.
A few occupations that may benefit from the Shamir WorkSpace Lens
Florist Receptionist
Sales Clerk Hairdresser
Nurse Optician
Chef Surgeon
Computer Operator Mechanic
Teller Photographer
Cashier Chiropractor
Dentist Food Preparer
Technician Appliance Repairer
Librarian  Scientist 
Microbiologist Nanny
Optometrist  Ophthalmologist
Shamir WorkSpace Lens